HME Archers Practice Hanger
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HME Archers Practice Hanger

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  • Vendor: HME
  • Product Type: Archery
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HME Archer's Practice Bow Hanger and Arrow Holder... practical and comfortable while helping you hone your skills. Bowhunters know that range time is crucial to developing the skills, strength and confidence to make the shot. HME knows exactly how to help avid bowhunters. HME Archer's Practice Hanger has a secure hanger on each side for one or 2-person use. New and improved. HME added a spade to the ground stake. This makes the Hanger more stable and prevents the Hanger from rotating. Of course, it's vinyl coated to prevent scratching. Base easily steps into the ground. Measures 50" h. to the cross beam when in the ground. Weighs 4 lbs., 6 ozs. Comes with 2 Archer's Arrow Caddies. A simple addition easily pushes in the ground to provide a handy arrow holder when practicing. No more setting your arrows on the ground or wearing a bulky side quiver. Its vinyl-coated holding ring folds up into position. Easily pushes into the ground. Keep arrows upright, safe and handy. Folds flat to fit in a bow case for easy transport. Take aim at ordering your set today. HME Archer's Practice Bow Hanger and Arrow Holder
  • Great accessory for ground blind or for target practice
  • Easily steps into ground
  • Hanger on both sides for one or two person use
  • Includes two Archer’s Arrow Caddy’s
  • Rubberized hooks to ensure bows do not slip or get scratched
Color: Blue, Purple, White
Size: 20, 24
Material: 100% Polyester